Monday, March 21, 2011

Our trip home from West Virginia

Last week, Kezzie got to see her Daddy perform for the first time in Hico, West Virginia.  On our way home, we took some shots at the look out point on Afton Mountain.  

 Kezzie always knows how to have a good time!

A little photo shoot in Grandma Liz's dresses . . . or "The Elf Princess"

Before Kezzie was born, my mom had given me some of my Dad's mom's baby dresses.  They are beautiful and really neat, but what do you do with antique dresses? . . . I thought about somehow framing them and putting them on the wall, which I may do someday, . . . but for now, I thought it would be nice to get some pictures of Kezzie in a few of them before she gets too big (and before they fall apart!).  So, here is my attempt at it . . . I do commend professional baby photographers!  This is not easy (thus the unusual hair styles at the end of the photo shoot :).  

Eyeing her pacifier . . .

Slowly sliding down the chair . . .

 Jesse thought she looked like an elf princess from Lord of the Rings . . .

Papa's 55th Birthday

 Russell, Jesse's dad, has chosen to be called "Papa" by his grandchildren.  And for his birthday this year, he said he wanted a picture with the two grandchildren . . . 

 Kezzie seems all about her cousin, Ian.  I've never seen her try to touch another baby's head before . . . She's got some sharp nails, though, so definitely needed some supervision. :) 

Trip to see Uncle Josh and Aunt Jeanna

On March 1st, Kezzie went on her first trip to Winston-Salem to see Uncle Josh and Aunt Jeanna . . . and George and Cooper (their Golden Retrievers).
 Josh and Jeanna got Kezzie a new book.  It definitely got her attention.

Watching the news . . . all three of them.

Fun with Uncle Josh

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some of Kezzie's Favorite Things

It's been fun to begin to notice some of Kezzie's favorite things. . .

~ Looking out the window.  This might be the same for most babies, especially when it comes to looking at light.  She seems to love looking outside.
~ Everything shiny.  Last week, we were in the stainless steel section of an appliance store and Kezzie appeared a bit overwhelmed with all the shiny everywhere!  We first noticed her love of shiny silver when she started staring at and reaching for my stainless steel water bottle.
~ Kisses.  She has started "anticipating" when someone is coming in for a kiss, by opening her mouth very wide and squinting her eyes.
~ Checking out solid food.  She watches us as we eat and reaches out to grasp what she can, always with an open mouth.
~ Grabbing her feet, which she has been doing the last three weeks, and starting this last week, putting them in her mouth. . . another prize for her to suck on!  I guess baby lint between her toes won't hurt her.
~ Pounding on the computer keyboard.  While we try to limit Kezzie's "screen time" sometimes it is convenient to hold her on one's lap while sitting at the computer to get something done.  I don't know if she likes this because of the clicking sound it makes or because she sees us do it.  Last week it appeared that she was starting to realize some cause and effect between pounding on the keyboard and causing something to happen/appear on the screen, as she pounded and then immediately looked up at the screen.
~ Hanging out with her Mimi and Papa . . . photos to come soon.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Highlights from February 2011

When I started this blogging thing, I kind of expected I'd blog every couple of days or at least once a week, but so far, I guess I'd be considered a monthly blogger . . . my followers have probably all given up following. :)

Anyways, what a month it has been.  On the 1st, we moved out to Goochland with Jesse's parents while our kitchen was basically demoed.  Thus, this has been a month for Kezzie to spend with her Mimi and Papa.  We do go back and forth to Richmond though when needed.  In fact, being in Richmond with baby sleeping, husband in Indiana and without a cell phone (I accidentally left it in Goochland this morning when we left at 5am to take Jesse to the airport . . . where was my brain!?) has enabled me to blog this evening.

Some highlights from February:

1) A very memorable Valentine's Date with Jesse and Kezzie

We dressed Kezzie up in a red velvet dress and decided we would have a family Valentine's date at one of our favorite restaurant's, Ipanema.  Probably five minutes into us being seated, I was taking Kez out of her carrier and discovered she had an explosion! . . . of all the moments and all the outfits.  To make matters even more interesting, Ipanema doesn't have your typical restroom accommodations, so I was changing Kez's diaper and clothing in the booth!  All parents have their stories . . . we just added to our collection that night. :)

Mr. Bugaboo giving Kezzie a valentine.  She loves this guy!

2) Cousin Ian was born this month
How fun to have a cousin so close in age!
. . . such expression, even when sleeping!

3) Fun times watching the big magnolia tree blown by the wind in Mimi and Papa's back yard from the back covered porch.
She was really mesmerized by the tree!

                                                  Doesn't that smile just melt your heart?!

4) Bradley Class Reunion
Another instance when I had Kezzie in a cute outfit and then an explosion led us to the plan B outfit (the "sleeper").

5) January was Kezzie's last month of sleeping in her bassinet . . . I tried to keep her in it as long as possible!  She was so cute . . . she probably only had about 3 more inches until her head and toes would have touched the ends! 

6) Some quality tummy time . . . she is enjoying it much better these days.

7) Reading the paper with Aunt Rachael while Jesse and I go out on a date. 

8) My humble attempt to copy "Mila's Daydreams"

9) One of my favorite Kezzie sleep pictures from this month.
. . . though nighttime sleep has been another thing. . . Kez has been a great sleeper since birth and this month, she just started waking during the night, several times per night. . . I guess I was getting lazy as a parent and needed to know what everyone else goes through. :)

Okay, so there are some of the highlights from February, at least the ones I documented with pictures!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Catching Up . . .

I have a little catching up to do with blogging.  Kezzie is doing new things all the time as is to be expected. Last Monday (1/17), I noticed Kez studying her feet for the first time while I changed her diaper (and had her feet up in the air).  Also last Monday, I sang "Do Re Mi" to Kez and she started "singing" along!  It was amazing . . . watching this little person develop before my very eyes!  I guess this is pretty typical of babies, but it is fun to see how much she responds to, in the form of participating in, singing.

Also, earlier this month, Kez found a friend in the mirror and had a great conversation with her!  

Kezzie's bear suit!

A very photogenic girl!

Kez with Mr. Quacker's . . .