Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflections on 2013

Sometimes titles intimidate me . . . this one definitely does, but I'm telling myself that it's still a worthwhile endeavor to reflect on the year we have just left behind even if I don't think I can do it justice.

So, with some inspiration from my husband's blog from yesterday and always inspired by our 3 year old, here goes . . . Top 12 (or so) things from 2013 by month:

Our trip to Cornerstone Farm.  Ward and Barb were so hospitable!  And Kezzie got to ride a pony!

Kezzie got to go to the Father Daughter Banquet with Papa!  She loves Papa!

Mary Claire and Tim's wedding!  Kezzie still talks about them getting married.  Though not her first wedding (Katie and Michael VonBank), this was the first where she knew what was going on.

 (okay, this was a big month)
Getting to spend a couple weeks in Colorado, visiting family and longtime friends.
 Linda took us all out to dinner.

 Got to spend some time with my college roommate, Andrea, at Cherry Creek Reservoir.
Jesse took me out to dinner (Blue Goat) and a movie for my birthday . . . and then we took a long walk in a fun neighborhood (long walks after dark in interesting places are my favorite!). 

My Dad's visit and our adventurous trip to the National Zoo together.
 This picture makes me laugh.

Taking the Metro.

Oh, and we did go to Israel as a family in May. :)

 Trip with Sisters in Motherhood to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Splash Pad and Butterfly Exhibit.

 Hanging out with Margaret and Joe at their pool.
Spending time with some of the friends we have known the longest since moving to Richmond.

Getting to see Jesse for a weekend in Staunton during his busy summer camp months.
. . . And Jesse's Great Aunt Colleen, who lives in Staunton.


 Trip to Yorktown with Mom.
Kezzie and her BFF Marisa in a 4th of July Parade in Westover Hills.


 Camping trip with the Gills and Holly at First Landing State Park . . . Kezzie and the twins' first camping trip.  It was interesting getting everyone to go to bed.  So glad we only stayed one night! :)

(this was a big month also)
 Taking Jesse to an Oriole's game for his birthday.  He is such a loyal fan.

 Work/Fun trip to St. Simon's Island GA (Jesse worked, we played) . . . and celebrated a few birthdays while we were there (Jesse and Kezzie's)

 Had a blast with a longtime friend from college, Liz Cardy, who showed us around St. Augustine.
 Kezzie at the Disney store in Jacksonville on her birthday.
Kezzie's princess/prince bday party.  Jesse made her a castle!

 A visit to the Silver Dinner at CMoR.
 Meeting up with Nannie and Papa at Sheldon's in Keysville.
Kezzie's first funeral.  Mr. Taylor, the father of our neighbors, Mark and Anthony, passed away this month.  What a great man!  Thank goodness for our other neighbor, Charlene Cousins, who is an elementary school teacher and helped Jesse keep Kezzie occupied for the 2 1/2 hour funeral!

Our friends, the Burke's, honored us by asking us to be a part of Marisa, Madelyn and Julia's Christenings!

 Family trip to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (to educate us for our upcoming trip!)
 Good friend, Lauren Davis, got baptized!
 Fun with new friend, Isabel, who takes ballet with Kezzie.
 Walk and Sweet Frog with good friend, Mama/Grandma Sandy!
 Catching up with good friend, Deborah.
Nature walk with the Maidas at Three Lakes Park.

(another big month . . . and also a sign that I really need to blog more!)
 The Advent calendar became a big deal this year.
Christmas party/reunion with our former small group.
 Seeing the Grand Illumination with the Davis'.
 Kezzie's 1st ballet open house!
 My Uncle Joe's surprise 6oth birthday!  You would never know it by his energy!
 Kezzie meets Santa at the Christmas Mother's event at the Richmond Times Dispatch (Jesse juggled at it . . . #workswag).
 We took my mom to the Jefferson Hotel to see all the decorations.
 Kezzie was the first to sit down at the table for our Christmas lunch.  Such a little person at such a big table.  But, she was hungry.

 Oh, the Places You'll Go
 Visiting Grandma at the skilled care place.  She broke her hip a few weeks ago. :(  Ever the determined woman! :)
 Tacky Tour!
First professional haircut!

Although this did not turn out to be a top 12 list after all, but more of a review of the year in pictures,  going through all these pictures has helped me realize how blessed we are with great friends and family!  Although we have gone on some amazing trips this year, some of my most favorite times are the everyday times with friends . . . or seeing Kezzie experience something for the first time!

Happy New Year!