Monday, March 14, 2011

Some of Kezzie's Favorite Things

It's been fun to begin to notice some of Kezzie's favorite things. . .

~ Looking out the window.  This might be the same for most babies, especially when it comes to looking at light.  She seems to love looking outside.
~ Everything shiny.  Last week, we were in the stainless steel section of an appliance store and Kezzie appeared a bit overwhelmed with all the shiny everywhere!  We first noticed her love of shiny silver when she started staring at and reaching for my stainless steel water bottle.
~ Kisses.  She has started "anticipating" when someone is coming in for a kiss, by opening her mouth very wide and squinting her eyes.
~ Checking out solid food.  She watches us as we eat and reaches out to grasp what she can, always with an open mouth.
~ Grabbing her feet, which she has been doing the last three weeks, and starting this last week, putting them in her mouth. . . another prize for her to suck on!  I guess baby lint between her toes won't hurt her.
~ Pounding on the computer keyboard.  While we try to limit Kezzie's "screen time" sometimes it is convenient to hold her on one's lap while sitting at the computer to get something done.  I don't know if she likes this because of the clicking sound it makes or because she sees us do it.  Last week it appeared that she was starting to realize some cause and effect between pounding on the keyboard and causing something to happen/appear on the screen, as she pounded and then immediately looked up at the screen.
~ Hanging out with her Mimi and Papa . . . photos to come soon.

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