Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another wonderful night

This morning I ran the Monument Ave 10k and tonight we had another wonderful night! 

The 10k went better than I expected having not run for the past 2-3 weeks.  It was a much needed boost to my confidence to go run again. 

But, as for tonight, we had our second night of enjoying dining outdoors!  Tonight was a Proper Pie Picnic night at Libbie Hill Park! 

Kezzie took this one!
And Jesse took this one!

We are so blessed to live in an amazingly charming neighborhood with so many great parks and places within walking distance!

Some things I don't want to forget

Last night, we spontaneously decided to walk to Alamo BBQ for dinner, and what a glorious night it was!  Beautiful sunset, perfect breeze, and with my two favorite people!

On the way there, Kezzie decided she would rather walk than ride in the stroller . . . so, we definitely took note of so many more details on the way there than ever before . . . such as a silver fire hydrant, "buflies" (aka butterflies), many flowers, such as clover and dandelion, etc.

Before leaving, Kezzie had to take her cough medicine. :(

So cute in her rain coat and bumble bee rain boots. . . and actually posing for a picture (historical moment)!

 Her "surprised face" at Alamo BBQ.
 The skyline from Jefferson Hill Park.
 Walking home.  I love the colors in this picture.
These clouds reminded me of a famous picture that I can't seem to place. 

Fun night . . . we'll have to do this again soon!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tutus never tire for a two year old

Some kids could eat pizza everyday and never tire of it. . . . Kezzie could wear her pink tutu everyday and love it!

Although I like to let Kezzie exercise creativity and pick out her own clothes to wear in the morning, I usually have some predetermined options and/or allow her to pick part of the outfit (i.e. pants/skirt) and I pick the other half (i.e. shirt).  But, the other day, I allowed her to do both and Kezzie's ultimate favorite outfit type lately has been the tutu/dress combo.

Some more fun tutu moments . . . We went for a walk at Libby Hill Park and Kezzie performed some ballet moves in the gazebo. . . Got to love the spontaneity of a 2 year old!

 I don't think I will ever tire of the fresh wonder and excitement of Kezzie's love for life!