Sunday, November 28, 2010

Joyner Journey . . . Reasons to Blog

Every journey has a beginning, so here it goes.....
About three years ago, I posted my very first blog soon after Jesse and I moved to Richmond, VA.  I was excited to get into the blogging world, but my enthusiasm was short-lived.  I was in the midst of figuring out what I was to be doing (aka finding a job) after having finished my masters, finding and being a part of our new community and friends in Richmond, and adjusting to this new season of life in a new land . . . lots of "new(s)".  Thus, it was my first and only blog post on that particular blog (  So, three years later, seven years into our marriage, 8 weeks after the birth of our first child, and having completed the third decade of life, I am finally ready to really do this blogging thing.  However, only time will tell if I actually follow through on my enthusiasm this time.  Here are the reasons I'd like to blog:
1. Like most people, I have lots of thoughts going through my head that I'd like to "write down" and process with both myself and others.  I used to journal (in a journal) and have greatly missed it (probably due to laziness), so I guess in this age of e-everything, blogging is the new journaling.
2. I don't know if very many people will follow my blog, which is totally fine, but like I said in point number 1, sometimes it's nice to process thoughts with others.  There are things to be learned in community versus being an island.  I tend to be an island, so this is good (and fulfilling) for me.
3. With the addition of our new daughter, Keziah, to our family, I am much more motivated to keep record of the happenings of our family, especially all the firsts in Kezzie's life.
More to come and hope you can Joyn me on this Journey. :)  Let me know why you blog.