Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Catching Up . . .

I have a little catching up to do with blogging.  Kezzie is doing new things all the time as is to be expected. Last Monday (1/17), I noticed Kez studying her feet for the first time while I changed her diaper (and had her feet up in the air).  Also last Monday, I sang "Do Re Mi" to Kez and she started "singing" along!  It was amazing . . . watching this little person develop before my very eyes!  I guess this is pretty typical of babies, but it is fun to see how much she responds to, in the form of participating in, singing.

Also, earlier this month, Kez found a friend in the mirror and had a great conversation with her!  

Kezzie's bear suit!

A very photogenic girl!

Kez with Mr. Quacker's . . .

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  1. She is soooo cute. I could listen to baby babble all day long. And it's never typical when it's your own sweet baby! It's been fun watching Madi hit all the milestones again too. It's only been 3 years since Jordana's baby days, but you forget just how great it really is!!