Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kezzie Discovers Her Hand

Last Wednesday (12/1/10), I found Kezzie studying her right hand and bringing it slowly towards her face.  It might sound kind of simple, but she was only 9 weeks old last week, so this was kind of big for her. . . and amazing to watch!  Check it out . . .
Another first for Kez from last week was sleeping for 9 hours on Tuesday night (11/30/10).  Before that, she had slept for 6-7 hours typically.  I guess she had a big day on Tuesday . . . the Centering/Prenatal Group reunion and Mimi's birthday lunch.  The Centering Group was what I did for my prenatal care at MCV (Medical College of VA).  It is a group approach to prenatal care.  There were 8 of us with the midwife, Margie Rickell, who would lead the group monthly and biweekly as we got closer to our due dates.  It was great care, and I met a lot of other great women as part of it.   

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