Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some things I don't want to forget

Last night, we spontaneously decided to walk to Alamo BBQ for dinner, and what a glorious night it was!  Beautiful sunset, perfect breeze, and with my two favorite people!

On the way there, Kezzie decided she would rather walk than ride in the stroller . . . so, we definitely took note of so many more details on the way there than ever before . . . such as a silver fire hydrant, "buflies" (aka butterflies), many flowers, such as clover and dandelion, etc.

Before leaving, Kezzie had to take her cough medicine. :(

So cute in her rain coat and bumble bee rain boots. . . and actually posing for a picture (historical moment)!

 Her "surprised face" at Alamo BBQ.
 The skyline from Jefferson Hill Park.
 Walking home.  I love the colors in this picture.
These clouds reminded me of a famous picture that I can't seem to place. 

Fun night . . . we'll have to do this again soon!

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