Sunday, September 1, 2013

Here it is . . . the month our family waits for all year long!

Here it is . . . the month our family waits for all year long . . . SEPTEMBER!  I am a little sad to see summer softly come to a close (at least the parts of it that many ascribe to summer, i.e. pools close, schools start, teacher friends go back to work, the days get shorter, etc), but in our family, this is a BIG month every year . . . and especially this year in some ways.  Two thirds of our little family was born in September and this year, Jesse and I celebrate 10 years of marriage! 

As our little girl turns three and we celebrate 10 years this year, it feels as if some milestones have been reached.  I plan on writing a letter to K. later this month in honor of her turning three and also a post celebrating our 10 years, but for now, I will keep it light by reminiscing about some of the little things that makes K. who she is.

She loves princesses, purple and pink, ice cream, playing with friends, making up stories and songs, dancing and making music on the piano with her daddy, reading books, Marisa, looking at pictures of when she was a baby and her last tutu tea party birthday party, talking about her upcoming birthday and party, wearing bling and accessories, collecting tiny rocks (everywhere we go!), playing with her cousin Ian, calling things "silly," giving kisses to people she loves, trying on princess dresses, doing ballet "moves," watching "Weggie Tales" and princess movies (her favorites being the clips off YouTube with Cinderella singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and the "Mouse Song," also from Cinderella), having tea parties, having picnics at the park, going to the park, Sweet Frog, . . . the list goes on.  And the wonderful thing about this list is how much she has broadened our view of the world and appreciation for the little things.  I don't think we had half as many picnics or jaunts to the park as we do now with her!

A picture from today . . . It can be a rarity to get her to smile at the camera these days, unless it is her idea.  She was taking pics of me with her smart phone while I took pics of her and then pausing after taking the picture and saying, "Oh, this is a nice picture!"  Notice the tp in the background.  With a three year old, you keep it real!
From our dinner picnic the other night.  She loves corn on the cob and wide open grassy fields!
At the campsite beach with our friends the Gills a few weekends ago.  First time I have ever seen her having fun in the waves . . . thanks to some swim lessons earlier this summer that gave her confidence.

Princess dress worn to library story time. . . on a rainy day.

 Looking at a lightning bug with Daddy as we took a stroll through the Fan after dinner on Granny's last night with us.  That princess dress has gotten some serious wear!

       Our little princess . . . more to come!

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